Get to know everything about your Keg’s life

Our smart kegs are designed to provide breweries with advanced analytics, which were never possible until now.

Our smart kegs will allow you to view the temperature, travel rate, exact location and keg turn with the click of a mouse.
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How it Works

Technology Overview

Smart Keg

This product was specifically designed for breweries and other beverage producers to understand the analytics of their keg float with just a click of the mouse.

  • Exact Keg Location
  • Keg Temperature
  • Travel Rates
  • Time at Wholesale
  • Time at Retail
  • Keg Turn Rate
  • Projected Keg Return Date


  • Hottest Temperature
  • Exact Location
  • Projected Keg Turn
  • Campaign Updates

Sampling Scenarios

Sampling is the process of selecting a group of people, events, behaviors, or other elements with which to conduct a study.

Purposive Sampling

Purposive sampling refers to type of sampling method which is not based on probability and has many subcategories.  This type of sampling can be used to study a phenomenon or something with unique characteristics.  My favorite example of purposive sampling is a commercial that communicates 4 out of 5 dentist prefer a gum.  Within the beverage industry, purposive sampling can be understanding how well your special release beer arrives at certain retail establishments or understanding why you lose kegs with a certain distributor.

Stratified Sampling

Stratified sampling is used to understand the probability of large groups.  When large groups are broken down into smaller groups this is strata.  The strata is what makes this type of sampling so powerful.  When a city or state has a election, one can predict you will win with millions voting by taking a stratified sample of 1,000 people that represent the demographics of the city or state.  Within the beverage industry, one can understand all the analytics of their keg float by using stratified sampling.


We will personally transform your existing half barrel kegs into smart kegs.  

Smart Keg

  • Once deposit is received, we can have your kegs transformed within 1-4 business days.  Must be local to the Southern California area for installation*